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Zip-TS2L Digital Finisher - Reference Guide
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The Product Reference Guide flip book above shows examples of products that can be produced on the Zip-TS2L Mark IV. Click on book above to open. Click on lower right page to flip pages.  More info

Is Your Foil Stamping Business Ready for Digital Printing?

The NSF Elite is a truly unique machine. This press has been specifically designed to efficiently produce very small to long run orders. Large foil roll and feeder capacity, combined with automated set up procedures and on the fly impression pressure, paper registration and foil draw adjustment make the NSF Elite exceptionally productive . . . More Info    Video Icon Video Icon Video Icon
NSF A3Pro Foil Stamping Press
The first question customers ask is "What makes the new A3Pro different from the existing NSF A3+ press?" The short answer is, the NSF A3Pro can run an 18" x 12 1/4" sheet landscape and has a 10 1/8" x 17 1/2" impression area. The A3Pro has a more powerful impression mechanism, and a whole series of enhancements . . . More Info      Video Icon Video Icon
NSF A3+ foil press has a 9 3/8 x 11 3/8 max. imprint area
The standard NSF A3+ foil system i  ncludes dual foil support shafts, dual foil tension controls, a single programmable foil draw, and dual foil rewind shafts. Multiple foil draw lengths can be programm\ed to minimize foil waste. Up to 6" diameter foil rolls can be used, and foil draw length and tension can be adjusted while the machine is running . . . More Info    Video Icon
NSF Elite Foil Stamping Press
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    NSF A3Pro Foil Stamping Press
- Flat foil stamping
- Blind & foil emboss
- Die & kiss cutting
- High speed foil fusing
- Foil/die cut up to 8
  positions w/a single die
   NSF A3+ Foil Stamping Press
- 10 1/8" x 17 1/2" Imp. area
- 4500 I.P.H.
- High speed foil fusing
- Sleep mode keeps dies hot
- Windows touch screen
- Feeder can hold 32" of stock
- Flat foil stamping
- Blind & foil emboss
- Die & kiss cutting
- Perforating
- Imprint & Number
- High speed foil fusing