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Zip-TS2L Digital Finisher - Reference Guide
What's New

Product Reference Guide flip book above shows examples of products that can be produced on the Zip-TS2L Mark IV. Click book above to open.

Right Angle Slitter
New! RAS-mc Right Angle Slitter
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Digital Finishing Equipment
Zip-TS2L Mark IV Digital Finisher
Competitive right angle slitters do not use quick change cassettes. In most cases, this limits each right angle slitter to running one format. If multiple . . . more info
Equipped with a “T1 Multi-Tool” option, the Zip-TS2L Mark IV is the only digital finishing machine that can combine up to three programmable . . . more info
Customers can batch count on the NSF Excel. To use this feature, the operator sets a batch quantity and a number of skip feed cycles . . . more info
Hot Foil Stamping Press
NSF Excel Foil Press