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Cutter Slitter

Zip-TS2L Mark IV Digital Finisher

Competitive digital finishing equipment offer limited capabilities, producing only square cornered products with or without a single direction cross crease on stocks up to 350 gsm (15/16 pt). Some models offer optional cross perforating, strike perforating and various combinations of inline slitting, scoring, perforating and semi-slitting . . . More Info 
cutter slitter creaser

Zip-CSCL Pro Cutter/Slitter/Creaser

With the Zip-CSCL Pro, customers can produce all the basic, square cornered simple format products produced on competitive digital finishing models, plus a wide range of high value products that would be impossible to produce with any competitive machine . . . More Info 
Cutter Slitter

Zip-A3E Pro Cutter/Slitter

Competitive cutter/slitter models have low productivity due to slow throughput speed, low feeder capacity and a tray/bin delivery. This severely limits the utility of these machines. The Zip-A3E Pro combines dramatically higher throughput speed with a high capacity air feeder and delivery conveyor. This makes the Zip-A3E Pro ideal for . . . More Info
Zip-A3E Cutter/Slitter

Zip-A3 Cutter/Slitter

The Zip-A3 can easily handle 24-up business card formats printed on oversize A3 sheets. Using a gutter-cut guillotine crosscut and gutter-cut slitting blades, 4-sided bleed cards can be produced. Up to eight, 24-up business card sheets can be run through the Zip-A3 per minute. This allows a five hundred business . . . More Info  
Zip-A4 Cutter/Slitter

Zip-A4 Cutter/Slitter

Combined with a laser or ink jet printer, the Zip-A4 allows low volume business cards and other multiple-up products to be produced with ease. Programmable guillotine cutter can be configured in inches or millimeters.   More Info
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