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 Freedom Foil Process                   Scratch Off Foil                  
THERM-O-TYPE Freedom Foil Process has been introduced. This new process is an extremely important foil fusing development that will be useful to the graphic arts industry.

Using the Freedom Foil Process, foil text and/or graphics can be applied as a separate layer over complex background graphics without the need for dies. This process works with a very wide range of stocks that would normally be unsuitable for foil fusing.

To use the Freedom Foil Process, background images are printed on paper using offset, ink jet or toner. The background must NOT include foil image areas or knockouts for foil image areas.

After the background has been printed, the sheets are laminated using one of three types of special Freedom Foil laminating films (see additional information on Freedom Foil laminating films below).
Wedding Books - Freedom Foil Process
Small soft cover perfect bond books have become popular products. Adding foil to these covers is easy and inexpensive using the Freedom Foil Process.

Excess Freedom Foil laminating film is then carefully trimmed from all edges of the sheets.

After trimming, sheets are run back through the laser printer to apply toner over the laminated film (please follow instructions included with the film).

Sheets are then run through Foil-Tech or FT-10 equipment where foil is fused to the toner image areas on top of the laminating film.

This process is ideal for designers, small quantity hard and soft cover books, greeting cards, business cards, tickets, post cards, and many other products which combine background text and graphics with foreground foil image areas.

Freedom foil samples are available from THERM-O-TYPE.

Please read all disclaimer information before using the Freedom Foil Process and Freedom Foil laminating films. Disclaimer information can be found on the top of the Freedom Foil Process page at
Freedom Foil Laminating Films:
THERM-O-TYPE offers three types of laminating film that have been especially developed to work with the new "Freedom Foil Process."

Matte and gloss finish, 1.2 mil "PermaFoil" films provide excellent toner/foil adhesion and good scratch resistance. PermaFoil films are ideal for book covers, business cards, greeting cards, post cards, box covers and many other applications.
Foil Fusing over scratch-off film
A 1.5 mil thick, gloss finish "Scratch Off Film" is also available. Scratch Off Film allows foil to be fused over underlying text and/or graphics. Foil fused over Scratch Off Film transfers cleanly and bonds well to the film. The toner/foil applied to the Scratch Off Film have excellent adhesion characteristics, however the toner/foil can be scratched off using a fingernail, coin, etc., leaving the surface free of the fused toner/foil topcoat.

Freedom Foil laminating films have several important characteristics.

First, they have excellent adhesion over a wide range of surfaces, most importantly, over most inks and toners.

Second is the ability to run the laminated sheets back through most laser printers. This requires a special heat tolerance and a surface chemistry/finish that will allow toner to bond to the laminated film.
Third, the surface chemistry/finish of the film must be "non-reactive" to the foil fusing process. This assures that the film will not be damaged by the fusing process and that foil will stick to the toner on the laminating film without sticking to the laminating film itself.

Last is the surface chemistry/finish of the film and how it affects adhesion of the toner and foil to the film. In most cases, this adhesion needs to be as permanent as possible, in special applications, the toner/foil needs to have good adhesion AND excellent scratch off characteristics.

Currently, all three types of Freedom Foil laminating film are available in 12" wide by 500' rolls on 1" cores. Gloss and matte PermaFoil films are also available on 3" cores. Custom roll and core sizes are available as a special order.

Please read all disclaimer information before using the Freedom Foil Process and Freedom Foil laminating films.
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