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THERM-O-TYPE NSF A3+ with the Kirk Rudy Feeder is available from THERM-O-TYPE. Pre-converted pocket folders, CD jackets, envelopes and many other products that feature irregular shapes and variations in thickness can now be efficiently run on the NSF S3+ using a Kirk-Rudy feeder.

The Kirk-Rudy SA162 feeder is a top load bottom feed attachment that uses a vacuum shuttle to advance material into the NSF A3+. There are no electrical or mechanical connections between the NSF A3+ and the feeder. Synchronization is achieved by sensing material transfer between the feeder and the NSF A3+. Mounted on casters, the Kirk-Rudy feeder can be attached or detached from the NSF A3+ in about a minute.

Kirk-Rudy was founded in 1967 and is a world leader in the manufacture of high volume addressing, inserting, attaching and related paper-handling equipment for the direct mail, printing, newspaper and card industries. The company offers it's customers an extensive product line along with the ability to engineer customized paper handling solutions. All Kirk-Rudy products are produced in their modern 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Woodstock, Georgia.

NSF A3+ presses that are configured to operate with the Kirk-Rudy SA162 feeder can still use the 32" pile height capacity suction feeder that is standard equipment on the press. This feeder has a pre-load capability and has proven to be extremely effective but, like all top feed pile feeders, it does not feed materials well that do not lay relatively flat when stacked.

Flat foil stamping, die cutting as well as blind and foil embossing functions can be performed by the NSF A3+ press while running with the Kirk-Rudy feeder.

The NSF A3+ high-speed foil stamping/embossing/die cutting press has proven to be an outstanding production tool in various plants around the world. The ability to combine the Kirk-Rudy SA162 feeder with the NSF A3+ will significantly increase the range of products that can be run on the NSF A3+.

A video showing the Kirk-Rudy feeder attached to the NSF A3+ is now available. This video shows the feeder being attached and detached from the NSF A3+. The video also shows pocket folders being run on the Kirk-Rudy and NSF A3+. For a free copy of this video, please contact THERM-O-TYPE.

THERM-O-TYPE Corporation does not manufacture Kirk-Rudy or Astro feeders.

At the request of customers, THERM-O-TYPE has configured certain foil press products to operate with a Kirk-Rudy or Astro feeder attached.

Currently, there are several customers who operate Kirk-Rudy and/or Astro feeders inline with their THERM-O-TYPE foil stamping presses.

THERM-O-TYPE does not guaranty the performance of Kirk-Rudy and/or Astro feeders or their suitability to handle customer supplied materials.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to test the Kirk-Rudy and/or Astro feeder before they are purchased to determine if one or both of these feeders is suitable for their application and materials.

THERM-O-TYPE does not offer or imply technical support for these products beyond the information necessary to attach the feeder to the THERM-O-TYPE foil press.

THERM-O-TYPE assumes no responsibility for the quality, performance, durability or suitability of Kirk-Rudy and/or Astro feeders.

Video presentations of Kirk-Rudy and/or Astro feeders provided by THERM-O-TYPE are for demonstration purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement of any kind.

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