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Rotary Die Cutter
Rotary Die Cutter, Rotary Dies - THERM-O-TYPE Corp. The RDC-Flex  is the latest addition to the line of digital finishing equipment technologies offered by THERM-O-TYPE.

Features include:
 • 14.33” x 20.5” max. sheet size
• Flexible die cutting dies
• Die registration system
• Inline waste stripping
• High capacity feeder
• Delivery conveyor
• Mark or edge registration
• Quick change stripper assemblies

The RDC-Flex has been specifically designed for digital printing plants that require high quality output, automated stripping and very fast format changeover.

In digital plants, changeover time is a critical factor in finishing efficiency. The RDC-Flex  minimizes changeover time using several important features.
• Centerline paper path
• Die/cylinder registration system
• Computer controlled vertical registration
• Computer controlled horizontal registration
• Quick change waste stripping assemblies
• Set-up parameter storage and retrieval
• Touch screen operator interface

Waste stripping assemblies can be changed in a few seconds, without tools. This is a critical design feature that eliminates the extended down time required while the operator manually reconfigures the stripping section used on competitive machines.

Inline stripping and delivery conveyor are standard equipment on the RDC-Flex Rotary Die Cutter.

Running large volumes of small/variable quantity orders requires a delivery conveyor long enough for operators to collect and sort individual orders. The 48” long delivery on the RDC-Flex is ideal for this type of work. Using the batch/surge control, operators can run continuously while batching finished product on the delivery conveyor. This is especially important for products like playing card decks.

The RDC-Flex also features a high capacity feeder to minimize loading cycles.

Intricate shapes and designs can be produced on a rotary die cutter, with flexible dies, that would be impossible to produce with a steel rule die/platen press.

The combination of large die cut area, throughput speed,  fast set-up, automated stripping and ease of operation make the RDC-Flex  Rotary Die Cutter an important production machine for any digital printing plant.

• Flat product die cutting
• Kiss cutting
• Die cut and score*

*All score lines on the RDC-Flex use a patented parallel slot score.

For more information on the RDC-Flex Rotary Dies, Rotary Die Cutter, contact THERM-O-TYPE at 800-237-9630, or e-mail us at Outside the United States call 1-941-488-0123.

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