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Cutter Slitter
   Zip-A3E Pro features and capabilities:
Cutter Slitter, Cutter Slit - THERM-O-TYPE Corp.
- Windows touch screen control.
- Job storage and retrieval (up to 500 jobs).
- Quick change rotary tooling cassettes.
- Pre-configured and auto adjust cassettes.
- Inline gutter slit, semi-slit, perforate and/or score.
- Gutter cut "chip proof" slitting blades.
- High precision slitting accuracy.
- Adjustable score (depth and width).
- 1.7" minimum cut off length.
- 1" minimum slit width.
- Handles coated/uncoated, laminated & UV coated papers.
- 14.75" by 20" maximum sheet size.
- Delivery conveyor.
• High throughput speed:
   Fastest programmable cutter/slitter in the world.
• Fast set up:
  Windows based touch screen (10.2") control.
• Delivery conveyor:
   Improved product delivery.      
   Product collection while the machine is running.
• Large scrap capacity:
  Over 4.5 cubic feet of scrap collection capacity.
• High reliability:
   Heavy duty construction with proven components.
• Offset press style air feeder
   13.5" paper load capacity
• Enhanced accuracy:
   +/- 0.0005 business card slitting accuracy.
The Zip-A3E Pro is the fastest cutter/slitter in the world, running 2 to 4 times faster than most competitive models.
Competitive cutter/slitter models have low productivity due to slow throughput speed, low feeder capacity and a tray/bin delivery. This severely limits the utility of these machines. The Zip-A3E Pro combines dramatically higher throughput speed with a high capacity air feeder and delivery conveyor.

A Windows touch screen computer is used to program, store and retrieve up to 500 saved programs. All set up and operational screens are easy to view and use with ample space provided by a 10.2" full color display.

The Zip-A3E Pro is the only cutter/slitter with a 13.5" paper capacity, offset press style air feeder. This feeder can handle coated, un-coated, laminated and UV coated sheets.

After being fed, sheets are precisely aligned on a full length registration table with micro side-to-side and skew adjustments.

Sheets can be registered using either the lead edge of the sheet or a registration mark. Switching between registration modes is a simple selection on the touch screen computer. Unlike competitive models, using the registration mark mode does not significantly reduce throughput speed.

Guillotine crosscutting can be programmed for a single "scissor" or a variable width "gutter" cut. The Zip-A3E Pro features a heavy duty guillotine cutter that can cut up to 18 pt thick stocks (380 gsm), which is significantly thicker than competitive models.

Zip-A3E Pro Cutter/Slitter pre-configured and auto adjust rotary tooling cassettes are unique and offer many advantages over competitive designs. Both types of cassettes use THERM-O-TYPE'S unique "chip proof" gutter cut slitting blades and both types of cassettes can be quickly and easily changed as required.

Pre-configured rotary tooling cassettes ensure the tightest possible finished size accuracy. Unlike competitive models that can vary product width accuracy by as much as +/- 0.3 mm (+/- 0.0118" or 0.023622" total variation), Zip-A3E Pro business card slitting width accuracy is +/- 0.0127 mm (+/- 0.0005").

Auto adjust cassettes allow customers to program crosscut and slit size information through the touch screen computer.

2" by 3.5" business cards are typically run 20, 24 or 25-up and these can be run with or without crosscut gutters. Running 25-up business cards, the Zip-A3E Pro can run up to 652 business cards per minute (26.1 sheets per minute).

The ability to crosscut, then inline rotary slit and semi-slit, allows popular greeting card formats (11 1/4" by 7 13/16", 9 5/8" by 6 15/16", etc.) to be run two-up.

The ability to slit narrow products (1" minimum width), multiple up across the width of the sheet makes the Zip-A3E Pro ideal for small products such as mini-business cards.

The ability to crosscut short products (1.7" minimum), combined with inline slitting and perforating, makes the Zip-A3E pro ideal for tickets.

A delivery conveyor is standard equipment on the Zip-A3E Pro. The conveyor eliminates delivery problems associated with bins and allows product collection while the machine is running. This eliminates the need to stop production while removing product from the bins. Bins can be a particular problem on cutter/slitters running small products like business cards and tickets, because the small finished size tends to flip and/or jam in the bins. To deal with this problem, most bins for business cards are shallow. Shallow bins minimize card flipping and/or jams but must be cleared by the operator after every few sheets are fed through the machine (each sheet creates rows of 5 to 8 individual cards at delivery so the finished stack builds up quickly). The conveyor can be attached or removed, without tools, in a few seconds.

As you can see, the Zip-A3E Pro Cutter/Slitter is a unique production machine that is ideally suited to finish a wide range of multiple up digital products quickly, accurately and reliably.  For additional information on the Zip-A3E Pro cutter slitter, call 1-800-236-9630. Outside the United State call 1-941-488-0123

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