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Zip-TS2L Digital Finishing Equipment
Digital Finishing Equipment, Digital Finisher - THERM-O-TYPE Corp. - Competitive digital finishing machines offer limited capabilities, producing only square cornered products with or without a single direction cross crease on stocks up to 15/16 pt. (350 gsm). Some models offer optional cross perforating, strike perforating and various combinations of in-line slitting, scoring, perforating and semi-slitting.
The Zip-TS2L Mark IV is the most advanced and capable digital finishing machine available, providing a wide range of features and capabilities that are unavailable on any competitive model.

Zip-TS2L Mark IV features and capabilities include:
- Windows based touch screen computer control
- Run up to 27 pt. thick stock
- 13.5” feeder capacity
- Full length alignment table with micro side registration and skew adjustment
- 1” minimum product width
- 1.6” minimum product length
- Guillotine cutter
- Cross perforating
- Cross creasing (up and/or down creasing in one pass)
- Hole punching (round, square, oval, etc.)
- Bindery punching
- Die cutting (including round corners)
- Blind embossing
- Strike perforating
- Strike slitting
- In-line slitting, scoring, perforating and semi-slitting
- Delivery conveyor
- Batch/surge delivery control

While this list of features and capabilities is unique and impressive, the fact that multiple finishing operations can be used individually, or in combination, is what makes the Zip-TS2L Mark IV truly amazing.

Equipped with a “T1 Multi-Tool” option, the Zip-TS2L Mark IV is the only digital finishing machine that can combine up to three programmable tooling functions, as well as guillotine cutting, and in-line slitting, scoring, perforating and/or semi-slitting in a single pass through the machine.

Digital finishing equipment should provide the ability to add enhancements, value and creativity to products.

With the Zip-TS2L Mark IV, customers can produce all the basic, square cornered simple format products produced on competitive digital finishing models, plus a wide range of high value products that would be impossible to produce with any competitive machine.

There is no reason to settle for less. The Zip-TS2L Mark IV offers un-match capabilities at an unbeatable price.

THERM-O-TYPE has video demonstrations posted online showing the Zip-TS2L Mark IV running various products. These videos can be seen at or on (keyword: thermotype).

The comparison chart (opposite page) shows the range of products that can be produced in a single pass through the Zip-TS2L Mark IV.

For additional Zip-TS2L Mark IV information or samples, please contact THERM-O-TYPE.

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Auto Adjust cassettes allow one across, two across and single fold card widths to be accurately adjusted using the touch screen computer.
Optional Auto-Adjust rotary tooling cassettes can be run on Zip-CSCL and Zip-TS2L models. Auto Adjust product width adjustment can be made .001" increments.