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Zip-A3E Cutter/Slitter
THERM-O-TYPE customers are trading in their original Mark I Zip models (12.75" max. paper width) to upgrade to the wider format Mark III machines.

Trade in Zip models which have been completely re-manufacturer by THERM-O-TYPE are now available for resale.

 Re-manufacturing includes replacement of all worn mechanical parts and complete mechanical, electrical and software upgrades.

Re-manufactured Zip models are sold with a six month warranty on all mechanical and electrical parts. Re-manufactured Zip models can be purchased with the upgraded friction feeder or with a new air feeder.
Zip-A3E Mark I w/friction feeder (re-manufactured)  $18,900.
Zip-A3E Mark I (re-manufactured) w/new air feeder  $34,900.
Zip models are not re-painted during re-manufacturing. As a result, there may be minor cosmetic defects in the exterior finish. Re-manufactured Zip models are an exceptional value.