Business Card Boxes

Business Card Boxes

THERM-O-TYPE Business Card Boxes

These pre-standing business card boxes telescope down when empty to minimize shipping costs. Another advantage of this design is that cards can be easily loaded into the box and the customer can easily remove cards from the box. THERM-O-TYPE Business card boxes fit 2" x 3 1/2" cards, have an attractive brown leatherette finish and are available in four different lengths.

Box LengthQuantity Per CartonPrice Per Carton
7"1 Carton - 240 boxes to a carton$273.60
11 1/2"1 Cartons - 144 boxes to a carton$275.04
14"1 Cartons - 119 boxes to a carton$297.00

Note: A $5.00 handling fee is included in shipping cost.

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