Business Card Slitters

Super Quad-12

Business Card Slitters

The Super Quad-12 business card slitters are modular card slitters that can be configured to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

The Super Quad-12 is most commonly used to produce standard and odd size, foldover and bleed business cards.

Introduced in 1999, Super Quad-12 business card slitters have a proven history of accuracy, ease of operation, dependability and high-speed productivity.


Business Cards, 2” x 3.5”

The Super Quad-12 is most frequently used to slit business cards.

When slitting 12-up business cards with four sided bleeds, customers typically run 9” x 12” stock.

12-up business card are slit from sheets in a two-pass process.

In the first pass, the sheet is slit into three strips of four cards.

In the second pass, individual cards are slit from the card strips.

Edge and gutter waste is removed during each pass.

Two slitting cassettes are required, one configured to slit the 3 x 3.5” wide strips and the other to slit the 4 x 2” finished cards.

Slitting cassettes can be changed in less than a minute, without tools.

Running four up card strips, the Super Quad-12 can slit up to 120,000 finished business cards per hour.

Foldover Business Cards

Super Quad-12 business card slitters are versatile.

The Super Quad-12 business card slitters can finish various configurations of side and/or top fold business cards.

When producing foldover business cards, customers use one cassette configured for slitting and a second cassette configured to slit and score.

Running a common top fold format, the Super Quad-12 can run up to 30,000 3.5” wide card strips per hour, producing 60,000 foldover business cards.

Slit, Score and Perf

A wide range of products can be efficiently slit, scored and/or perforated on the Super Quad-12.

Tooling can be pre-configured in cassettes for common formats, or tooling can be installed and adjust by the operator for non-standard formats.

Common applications include; tickets (with or without perforated stubs), flat/folded tags, post/direct mail cards, greeting cards, announcement and invitations, etc.



The Super Quad-12 business card slitters is a mature and stable machine design which requires minimal controls and operator adjustment.

Electronics controls include; push button start/stop switches and variable speed control potentiometer.

Mechanical controls include; double sheet thickness adjustment and side edge registration adjustment.

Friction Feeder

The Super Quad-12 uses a reliable and effective friction feeder.

The friction feeder is equipped with a double sheet thickness adjustment to eliminate double sheet feeding.

Alignment Table

Super Quad-12 business card slitting equipment uses an adjustable alignment table to accurately register each sheet before slitting.

The guide edge of the alignment table can be adjusted for side-to-side registration and skew.

The alignment table can accurately and consistently register 3.5” wide business cards strips when running coated and uncoated stocks.

Gutter-Cut Blades

Super Quad-12 business card slitters are perfect for bleed cards.

The Super Quad-12 business card slitters uses large diameter gutter cut slitting blades mounted in spring loaded hubs.

Spring loading ensures that the blades maintain optimal contact pressure at the cutting surfaces.

Gutter cut slitting blades are ideal for slitting products printed with bleeds.

Gutter cut slitting blades also create a gap between finished products, improving product delivery and simplifying product collection.

Gutter cut waste is directed into a large waste collection bag under the slitter.

THERM-O-TYPE gutter cut slitting blades provide proven performance and exceptional durability.

Special Gutter-Cut Blades

Special width gutter cut blades are available for the Super Quad-12 slitter.

While the standard 1/8" wide gutter cut blade is, by far, the most popular, some customers require a wider gutter.

Custom gutter width blades can be manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.

Quick-Change Cassettes

Business Card slitters with quick change casettes.

The quick-change blade cassettes, used on the Super Quad-12, have been a huge success in the industry. Blade cassettes not only allow customers to switch between different job formats easily, they also assure consistent product quality. This is an important issue.

Using pre-configured blade cassettes each time a specific job format is run on the slitter, the finished product is consistent because the blades are never moved between jobs.

Delivery Conveyors

Two types of delivery conveyor are available for the Super Quad-12.

The wide conveyor belt provides maximum flexibility when running multiple product sizes and formats.

Customers who purchase the Super Quad-12 to produce a single product, often substitute the standard, wide delivery conveyor for an optional 45" long, full length partitioned delivery.

Using a delivery conveyor, operators can collect finished product while the machine is running.

Partition Assemblies

When equipped with a wide conveyor delivery, the Super Quad-12 uses quick-change partition assemblies to separate rows of product as they exit the slitting blades.

Partition assemblies can be installed or removed from the Super Quad-12 business card slitters, without tools, in a few seconds.


Slitter ComparisonSuper Quad-12Super Quad-20
Friction Feeder(s)12
Quick Change Paper GuidesYesYes
Diagonal Aligning Table(s)12
Hand WheelYesYes
Blade CassetteYesYes
Spring Loaded BladesYesYes
Moveable "Gutter Cut" BladesYesYes
Perforating CapabilitiesYesYes
Scoring CapabilitiesYesYes
Centerless Ground Steel ShaftsYesYes
Shielded Cutting BladesYesYes
Trim Taken Off Top & BottomYesYes
Scrap BagYesYes
Full Length Partitioned Delivery ConveyorOptionalOptional
DC Variable Speed ControlYesYes
Drive Mounted on the OutsideYesYes
Fully MobileYesYes
12 Month Warranty - Some ExclusionsYesYes
Available Wired for 110 or 220 VoltsYesYes
Floor Space Taken5'10" x 30"7'7" x 31"



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