Zip-CSCL Mark IV

Cutter Slitter Creaser

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV cutter slitter creaser is a high speed, heavy-duty, programmable slitter cutter creaser featuring proven reliability and outstanding crosscutting, cross creasing and slitting accuracy. In addition, the cross creasing station on the Zip-CSCL Mark IV can also be used to cross perforate and hole punch.

Video: Auto Adjust Cassette

Running business cards, for example, the Zip-CSCL Mark IV runs 2.3 to 5.3 times faster than throughput speeds advertised by competitive models.

Unfortunately, advertised “speed” doesn’t necessarily mean much in the real world.

Low capacity feeders and tray/bin deliveries can dramatically decrease productivity while increasing operator workload.

With the Zip-CSCL, customers get the highest throughput speed combined with a high capacity feeder and delivery conveyor as standard equipment.

The Zip-CSCL Cutter Slitter Creaser is a unique production machine that is ideally suited to finish a wide range of multiple up digitally printed products quickly, accurately and reliably.

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV is the only creaser cutter slitter that offers the combination of features and capabilities required to maximize the profit potential of your business.


Programmable Crosscut

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV cutter slitter creaser can be programmed to quickly and accurately crosscut products from sheets using a “scissor” or variable width “gutter” crosscut.

Tooling Station

The Zip-CSCL cutter slitter creaser features a tooling station that can be used for cross creasing, cross perforating and hole punching.

The “T1” tooling station uses common, type high letterpress scoring, perforating and self-cleaning hole punch tooling

Only THERM-O-TYPE Zip finishing models, with a T1 tooling station, offer this range of tooling flexibility.

Inline Slitting

The Zip-CSCL uses gutter cut style slitting blades mounted in spring loaded hub assemblies.

THERM-O-TYPE gutter cut slitting blades provide a smooth clean cut and proven durability.

Semi-Slit, Perf & Score

Semi-slitting, scoring and perforating rotary tooling is available for the Zip-CSCL.

All Zip-CSCL Mark IV cutting slitting creasing rotary tooling is made to high precision standards and tailored to provide consistent results. Anvil perforating and penetration perforating tooling is available to meet customer requirements.


Touch Screen Controls

Creating, storing and recalling programs, as well as, machine operation is controlled through a Windows touch screen computer with a 10.2” full color display.

Up to 500 individual programs can be stored and retrieved.

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV Cutter Slitter Creaser features the most advanced control system available.

High Capacity Feeder

Cutter slitter creaser with a high capacity feeder.

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV uses an offset press style suction feeder with a 13.5” capacity paper lift tray. Additional features include; “Big Foot” suckers, double sheet detect/interrupt, pile height control, blower to float sheets in the feeder, adjustable suction, “express down” feature to lower the feed tray and easily adjusted paper guides.

While competitive models use a fan/belt style feeder with a 4” to 6” paper capacity, the Zip-CSCL provides a high quality feeder capable of feeding a wide range of uncoated/coated and laminated sheets with maximum efficiency and durability

Full Length Register Table

The Zip-CSCL cutter slitter creaser uses a full length alignment table with micro side-to-side registration and skew adjustment. Using the full length alignment table, the Zip-CSCL Mark IV can consistently and accurately register each sheet before it enters the cutting/slitting section of the machine.

It is virtually impossible for any competitive model, which lacks a full length registration table, to consistently match the side registration accuracy of the Zip-CSCL.

Registration Modes

Zip-CSCL cutting slitting creasing equipment can register from the lead edge of the sheet or from a lead edge registration mark.

Registering from a lead edge registration mark, the Zip-CSCL can automatically compensate for up/down imprint position variations on each sheet without affecting throughput speed.

Cross Creasing

Cross creasing is performed on the T1 tooling station.

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV is the only cutter slitter creaser that uses standard, type high scoring rules and matrix to crease a cross score.

This feature allows customers to use various thickness scoring rules (1 pt., 2 pt., 3 pt.) and a full range of scoring matrix profiles to create the optimal cross score for their application.

The Zip-CSCL cutter slitter creaser also provides in infinite adjustment for score depth.

No competitive model can provide the cross creasing flexibility and quality that can be achieved with the Zip-CSCL Pro.

Cross Perforating

Cross perforating is performed on the T1 tooling station.

The Zip-CSCL uses standard, type high perforating rule to create cross perforations on the T1 tooling station.

This feature allows customers to use an almost unlimited range of perforating rules (including micro-perforation) when cross perforating on the Zip-CSCL.

The Zip-CSCL creaser slitter cutter  can apply full or partial cross perforations.

An “Anvil” style cross perforation is applied on the Zip-CSCL. Using an “Anvil” style perforation, no paper is pushed out the back of the sheet along the perforation.

No competitive model can provide the cross perforating flexibility and quality that can be produced on the Zip-CSCL Mark IV.

Hole Punching

Cutter slitter creaser with hole punching.

Hole punching is performed on the T1 tooling station.

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV uses standard, type high, self-cleaning hole punch tooling when punching hole on the T1 tooling station.

This capability is especially important for customers producing tags and products that will be ring bound.

Round, square and special shaped punches are available.

Hole punch tooling is mounted in the T1 tooling station with provisions to controlling and collect punch waste material.

No competitive model is available with hole punching capability.

Strike Perf and Slit

Strike perforating and strike slitting is performed on the T1 tooling station.

Up to 12 strike perforations and/or slits can be applied across the width of the sheet.

Strike perforating and strike slitting on the Zip-CSCL is exceptionally accurate and clean.

Strike perforating on the Zip-CSCL creates and “anvil” type perforation, so no paper is pushed out the back of the sheet along the perforation.

Accumulative Error

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV cutter slitter creaser can compensate for accumulative positioning errors along the length of the sheet. This important feature insures that the image on the first and last product on each sheet are uniformly positioned vertically.

This feature also compensates to calibration errors on the T1 station function (cross creasing/perforating/hole punching).

Guillotine Cutter

Precision machined upper and lower metering rollers accurately advance sheets through the guillotine cutting section of the Zip-CSCL. Heavy-duty guillotine cutting blades are exceptionally durable and the blades are spring loaded to maintain optimal contact pressure.

A pneumatic system ejects narrow lead, tail and crosscut gutter strips from the guillotine cutter.

Some competitive machines use guillotine cutting blades that cannot be re-sharpened. These machines require expensive replacement parts whenever the guillotine cutter blades become damaged or dull.

THERM-O-TYPE provides a low cost re-sharpened guillotine cutter blade exchange program, significantly reducing machine life cycle costs.

Waste Eject Gate

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV features a programmable waste eject gate.

Competitive models require that oversize waste pieces are crosscut into narrow strips so they can fall into the waste collection tray. Requiring additional crosscuts, to remove this waste, decreases   productivity and increases wear on the guillotine cutting mechanism and blades.

Using the Zip-CSCL waste eject gate, oversize waste pieces can be ejected into the waste collection tray intact. This feature reduces un-necessary crosscut cycles, increasing throughput speed and decreasing wear.

Video: Waste eject gate on the Zip-TS2L

Auto Adjust Cassettes

The Zip-CSCL can be run with fixed blade position or Auto Adjust rotary tooling cassettes. While some customers use their Zip-CSCL machines to finish a limited range of product sizes and formats, other customers require more product size flexibility.

THERM-O-TYPE can provide fixed blade position and/or Auto Adjust rotary tooling cassettes tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

All cassettes can be removed/installed in less than a minute, without tools.

All cassettes feature adjustable spacing between the upper and lower blade shafts. This adjustment is used when scoring, semi-slitting or anvil perforating.

Gutter Cut Slitting Blades

Gutter cut slitting blades are ideal for finishing products that have been printed with bleeds and create a gap between finished products to improve product delivery and collection. Various width gutter cut blades are available.

Gutter cut slitting blades are mounted in spring loaded hubs to maintain optimal contact pressure between the cutting edges of the blades.

THERM-O-TYPE gutter cut slitting blades, mounted in heavy-duty cassettes, are exceptionally durable and come with a unique “chip proof” blade guarantee.

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV cutter slitter creaser can slit products as narrow as 1” wide with standard tooling.

Up to 18 pt. Thick Stock

The feeder, paper alignment, crosscutting and inline slitting features on the Zip-CSCL have been designed to easily handle paper thicknesses up to and including 18 pt.

1” by 1.7” Min. Product Size

The Zip-CSCL Mark IV can crosscut and slit products as small as 1” x 1.7” using standard tooling. This is significantly smaller than competitive models.

The ability to run smaller product sizes can be an important factor, especially for customers producing tickets, tags, mini-business cards and similar products.

Delivery Conveyor

The Zip-CSCL slitter cutter creaser features a delivery conveyor as standard equipment. The delivery conveyor ensures non-stop collection of finished products and allows the operator to separate individual orders while the machine is running.

The Zip-CSCL can also be equipped with an extended length delivery conveyor which is recommended when using the batch/surge delivery feature.

Many competitive models use bins or even a flat tray to collect finished products. Bins/trays are inherently inefficient for three main reasons; they require the operator to stop the machine to collect finished products, they make it impossible for operators to easily separate individual orders while the machine is running, smaller products often do not stack neatly causing delivery jams.

T1 Multi-Tool Option

More than just a cutter slitter creaser.

Equipped with the T1 Multi-Tool option, the Zip-CSCL Mark IV cutter slitter creaser can combine up to two tooling functions, as well as guillotine cutting, and inline slitting, scoring, perforating and/or semi-slitting in a single pass.

The ability to apply up and/or down cross creases is an especially important feature. Up and down creasing is critical when producing perfect bound book covers, “Z” and accordion fold products.

Other T1 Multi-Tool capabilities include: hole punching and cross creasing or perforating, cross creasing and cross perforating, applying strike vertical and horizontal perforations (“L”, “T” and perimeter perforation), applying two different types of cross crease (different thickness creasing rules and matrix), applying two different types of cross perforation (different teeth per inch or different cross perforation lengths).

No competitive model can offer the flexibility of mixing and matching such a wide range of tooling options and production flexibility.


Business Cards (square corners)XXXX
- MiniXXXX
- Fold over (square corners)XXXX
- Round cornerX
- EmbossedX
- Sq./Rnd corner cards over 16 pt. (up to 30 pt)X
- Fold over w/round cornerX
- Fold over w/embossX
- Fold over w/die cutX
Round corner playing cardsX
Tickets (2" x 2" or larger)XXXX
Tickets (smaller than 2" x 2")XXX
Post cards (square corners)XXXX
Post cards (round corners)X
Greeting cards, 2-panel (5" x 7"/127mm x 178mm)XXXX
- w/decorative die cuttingX
- w/embossingX
- w/round corners (before folding)X
- w/round corners (after folding)X
Greeting cards, 3-panel "Z" fold (5" x 7") with up/down creaseXX
- w/die cuttingX
- w/embossingX
- w/round cornersX
Accordion fold products (=/< 18" long) with up/down creaseXX
- w/holes punched for snap closureX
Direct mail pieces (w/"T" perfs)XXX
Direct mail pieces (w/"L" perfs)XX
Direct mail pieces with "perimeter perforations"X
Door hangersX
- w/perf stubX
Parking tagsX
- w/perf stubX
Display tents, horizontal (w/lock tabs)X
Display tents, vertical (w/lock tabs)X
CD/DVD casesX
Feeder pile capacity13.5"/343mm13.5"/343mm13.5"/343mm6"/150mm
DeliveryDelivery conveyorDelivery conveyorDelivery conveyorTray bins
Minimum finished piece length1.7"/443.18mm1.7"/443.18mm1.7"/443.18mm1.96"/50mm
Minimum finished piece width1.0"/25.4mm1.0"/25.4mm1.0"/25.4mm1.88"/48mm
Maximum crosscuts in one pass2620
Maximum paper thicknessUp to 18 pt.Up to 27 pt.15/16 pt./350 gsm
Warranty - Mechanical/Electrical parts (Limited)1 Year / 1 Year1 Year / 1 Year1 Year / 1 Year1 Year / 90 days





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