Manual Foil-Tech


The Manual Foil-Tech Foil Fuser incorporates all the features and capabilities of the Automatic Foil-Tech except the automatic impression control system has been replaced with a lever that the operator uses to manually engage and disengage the impression mechanism.

The Manual Foil-Tech does NOT require a compressed air supply.


Foil Fusing

The Manual Foil-Tech foil fuser can fuse metallic, pigment, glitter, holographic pattern and security foils to toner image areas on suitable paper and plastic substrates.


ThermoFusing is a process that “post-fuses” sheets that have been printed with toner.

ThermoFusing creates a high gloss finish over toner image areas similar to spot UV.

ThermoFusing also improves toner adhesion and durability.

The Manual Foil-Tech uses coated and un-coated fusing film to ThermoFuse toner image areas on suitable paper and plastic substrates.

Freedom Foil Process

Freedom Foil Process Webpage

The Manual Foil-Tech can be used to apply foil text and graphics over a background image, printed with toner, using the “Freedom Foil Process”.

Using this process, the background image is printed, then the sheet is laminated with a special laminating film. Laminated sheets are run back through a printer to apply toner on top of the laminate. After being over-printed, the sheets are run through the MANUAL FOIL-TECH where foil is fused to the over-printed toner image areas.

Scratch Off Foil

The Manual Foil-Tech foil fuser can apply Scratch Off foil using a process developed by THERM-O-TYPE.

The scratch off foil process is similar to the “Freedom Foil Process” but requires a different (scratch off foil) laminate film.


The Manual Foil-Tech can be used to apply security features to products using holographic pattern and/or holographic security foils.

No Dies Required

Foil fuser requires no dies.

Using the foil fusing process, flat foil text and graphics can be applied without a foil stamping die or foil stamping press.

Sm. Order/Personalization

Because foil fusing does NOT require a foil stamping die, foil fusing is ideal for design prototypes, creating proofs and producing small quantity and personalized orders.

Security features can also be added to small quantity orders using holographic pattern or security foils.


Foil fuser is very versatile.

The Manual Foil-Tech can be used for foil fusing, ThermoFusing, the Freedom Foil Process and to apply scratch off and security foils.

Due to the range of fusing foils and films available, the Manual Foil-Tech can be used to create many different types of product enhancement effects and security embellishments.

The Manual Foil-Tech can also be used to apply single or two-sided thermal laminating films.



The Manual Foil-Tech electronic control features include; drive motor start/stop switch and variable speed control, heater on/off switch with digital temperature control, paper feed start/stop switch, jog reverse push button and foil jam indicator light.

Mechanical control features include; on/off impression lever and adjustable foil unwind/rewind tension controls.

Friction Feeder

Foil fuser features a friction feeder.

The Automatic Foil-Tech friction feeder eliminates the need for labor intensive manual feeding.

Six Heated Fusing Rollers

The Manual Foil-Tech uses six heated fusing rollers.

Six fusing rollers provides more thermal stability and dwell when running longer, wider and heavier weight stocks.

Foil Rolls

The Manual Foil-Tech can support up to 1,000’ long foil rolls.

The Manual Foil-Tech foil fuser has been designed to support up to two foil rolls, positioned to contact the top of the sheet, and one foil roll positioned to contact the bottom of the sheet.

A foil jam detect/interlock is installed on each foil rewind.

A separate tension control clutch is located on each foil unwind and rewind shaft.

Man. Impression Control

The Manual Foil-Tech uses a lever to bring the fusing rollers into an “On” or “Off” impression position.

Foil will only be drawn through the Manual Foil-Tech when the fusing rollers are “On’ impression.




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