SA-1420 SPL

Sheet Alignment and Bonding

Align glued sheets

Customers who apply hot or cold glue using a roller application process, or apply glue using a silk screen process, can use the Glue-Tech SA-1420 SPL to automate the top and bottom sheet alignment, and to automatically feed the aligned sheets through a squeeze roller assembly.

The SA-1420 SPL is also ideal for handling glued sheets which would be too thick to run on the SA-1420, Auto-1420 or SA-2130 Glue-Tech models.

The SA-1420 SPL features include: a touch screen computer control, 14” x 20” maximum sheet size, top and bottom sheet manual loading trays, bottom sheet vacuum conveyor transport, accurate registration between the top and bottom sheets, top and bottom sheet sensors, squeeze roller gap adjustment and delivery tray.

The SA-1420 SPL does NOT apply glue and must be used in conjunction with a separate glue application method.

The ability to automate the sheet to sheet alignment and squeeze roller functions can significantly improve productivity, sheet to sheet alignment and finish quality while reducing operator workload and stress.

The SA-1420 SPL is an ideal addition to any business that is currently producing glued products manually.


Thick Printed Products

Cohesive papers are too expensive! Gluing sheets together is a cost effective method of producing printed products which are thicker than the maximum paper thickness that can be run on digital printers.

Thick business cards, tags, packaging and other products can be produced using a sheet to sheet  hot or cold gluing process.

The Glue-Tech SA-1420 SPL is used to automate the top and bottom sheet alignment and to automatically feed mated sheets through a squeeze roller assembly.

High Value Products

Thick printed products are "high value products" commanding disproportionately higher retail prices.

While many printing companies have manual sheet to sheet hot or cold gluing capabilities, lack of automation makes sheet to sheet alignment slow, inaccurate and labor intensive.

Video - Gluing paper to magnetic material

Quick Set up

Setting up the SA-1420 SPL is quick and easy using the large, full color touch screen control panel.

The SA-1420 SPL is easy to set up, operate and maintain with minimal training.

Expensive Cohesive Papers

Gluing sheets together offers significant advantages over using cohesive papers.

Cohesive papers are too expensive, compared to regular (non-cohesive) papers, and require special processing, before or during guillotine cutting, to activate the cohesive adhesives. Sheets glued together using hot or cold glue do not require special processing prior to guillotine cutting or die cutting.

Cohesive papers are available in limited paper sizes, types, colors and textures.

Cohesive papers require another inventory item that must be monitored, ordered and stocked, even if the plant is already using the same paper as a non-cohesive sheet.

Using non-cohesive papers, glued together, customers can combine an almost unlimited range of papers to create unique, high value products.

Cost Analysis - Cohesive Papers vs. Non Cohesive Paper


Touch Screen Computer

A large, full color, touch screen display is used to control and adjust the SA-1420 SPL during set up and operation.

Controls are easy to use and include automated features to simplify operation and reduce operator workload.

The touch screen is mounted on an adjustable support which allows each operator to comfortably position the controls.


The SA-1420 SPL does NOT apply glue.

Customers use a separate process to apply glue to the bottom sheet. Hot or cold glue roller application equipment, silk screen or programmable glue nozzles are all suitable glue application methods.

Bottom Sheet Loading

After glue has been applied, bottom sheets are individually placed on a feed tray, with the glue side up.

The lead edge of the bottom sheet is manually advanced on to a vacuum conveyor which advances the sheet to a registration head stop.

Top Sheet Loading

Top sheets are manually loaded into a feed tray with the lead edge of the sheet positioned against the registration head stop and the side of the sheet aligned to an adjustable side guide.

Top & Bottom Sheet Sensors

Sensors confirm the position of the top and bottom sheets at the registration head stop. Once the top and bottom sheet positions are confirmed, the sheets are cycled through a pair of pinch rollers that compress the top and bottom sheets together prior to delivery.

Integrated Controls

The SA-1420 SPL controls are carefully integrated to improve efficiency and reduce operator workload.




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