Inline Waste Stripper

Inline waste stripper

The NSF Elite, Excel and Ultra Inline Waste Stripper attachments use fixed and programmable stripper fingers and nozzles to eject waste material into a waste collection box while finished products are directed onto a delivery conveyor for collection.

Waste stripper attachments can be retrofitted to older NSF Elite, Excel and Ultra as well as NSF A3Pro models.


Eliminate Manual Stripping

The inline waste stripper increases profits!

The NSF Elite, Excel and Ultra inline waste stripper attachments eliminate the need to manually strip many die cut products.

Eliminating manual stripping is a huge labor savings, regardless of the die cut products being stripped.

Manual Waste Stripping

While in-house die cutting can be one of the most important capabilities digital and offset printers can add to their plants, manual waste stripping is always a problem.

Using the NSF Elite, NSF Excel or NSF Ultra with the inline waste stripper, printers not only gain the ability to efficiently die cut, they also gain the ability to flat foil stamp, blind and foil emboss, and HSFF (high speed foil fusing).

Maximum Sheet Size

NSF Elite - 14.5 inch x 20.5 inch (run portrait)

NSF Excel - 18.5” x 20.5” (run portrait)

NSF Ultra - 23.5” x 29.0” (run portrait)

Maximum Speed

NSF Elite - Up to 5,000 iph

NSF Excel - Up to 5,000 iph

NSF Ultra - Up to 5,000 iph


Touch Screen Controls

Creating, storing and recalling waste stripper programs, and other machine adjustments are controlled through a Windows touch screen computer with a 10.2” full color display.

Up to 500 individual programs can be stored and retrieved.

Electronically Integrated

Inline stripper attachments are electronically integrated with the NSF Elite and Excel controls.

Main drive start and stop, paper feed start and stop, and jam detect/interlock are all integrated between the press and waste stripper.

Remote Press Controls

To simplify operation and improve efficiency, a remote press control panel is mounted on the waste stripper.

The remote press control panel significantly reduces operator workload.

Programmable Fingers

Operators can easily program individual stripper fingers to direct the waste into the collection box.

Cross sheet waste stripper finger position information can be store with each program.

A reference scale is provided for positioning waste stripper fingers across the width of the sheet.

Programmable Nozzles

Programmable waste eject nozzles are used to remove die cut holes, and other die cut waste pieces, that are too small to be ejected with the programmable stripper fingers.

Sheet Bypass

The inline waste stripper attachment does not need to be removed when the press is foil stamping.

Foil stamped sheets can be collected on the delivery conveyor after passing through the stripper.

Delivery Conveyor

A long, variable speed delivery conveyor is standard equipment on all waste stripper models.

The delivery conveyor can be run in continuous or intermittent modes.


NSF Series PressesNSF EliteNSF ExcelNSF Ultra
Max. Paper Width14.5"18.523.5
Max. Paper Length20"20.5"29
Min. Paper Size3.5" x 4.5"3.5" x 4.5"8.5" x 11"
Max. Image Area10.625" x 13.375"12.125" x 17.625"16.5" x 22.5"
Max. Impression Pressure20 Tons20 Tons33.3 Tons
Main Drive Motor3 hp3 hp5 hp
Touch Screen ComputerYesYesYes
Windows Computer CoreYesYesYes
Programmable Impression per Sht.888
Max. Foil Diameter7.2"7.2"7.2"
Max. Impressions Per Hour5,00055005000
Digital Temp. ControlYesYesYes
Impression Pressure AdjustmentYesYesYes
Impression Pressure DisplayYesYesYes
Impressions Per Hour DisplayYesYesYes
Computer Controlled Lubrication SystemYesYesYes
Double Sheet Detect/InteruptYesYesYes
Skip Feed Impression Throw OffYesYesYes
Pile Feeder Capacity32"32"32"
Feeder Pre-Load CapacityYesYesYes
Computer Controlled Foil DrawYesYesYes
Automatic Foil Acceleration ControlYesYesYes
Air Blast Foil SeparationYesYesYes
Computer Controlled Vertical Imprint RegistrationYesYesYes
Reg. Table w/Head Stop & Skew AdjustmentYesYesYes
Paper Jam Detect/InterruptYesYesYes
Low Air Pressure Detect/InterlockYesYesYes
Low Oil Detect/InterlockYesYesYes
Variable Speed ControlYesYesYes
Job Set-up Information Storage and RetrievalYesYesYes
24 Volt Safety CircuitYesYesYes
Delivery ConveyorYesYesYes
Batch CounterYesYesYes
Second Programmable Foil DrawYesYesYes
Letterpress ChaseOptionalOptionalOptional
Letterpress Chase, Open Area within Chase9.75" x 13.375"11.25" x 17.5"22.5" x 15"
Max. Number of Foil Unwind Supports (Optional)444
Holographic Registration SystemOptionalOptionalOptional
High Speed Foil Fusing (HSFF)OptionalOptionalOptional