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Paper Gluer

The Glue-Tech model Auto-1420 is a fully automatic sheet to sheet paper gluer which provides customers with an efficient and cost-effective method of producing thick printed products using low cost, eco-friendly, water soluble glue.

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Glue-Tech equipment replaces cohesive papers (which are expensive and only available in limited paper types, sizes and colors), manual gluing (which is very slow and labor intensive), and manual mounting using pressure sensitive sheets (which is slow and labor intensive with high material costs).

The Auto-1420 sheet to sheet paper gluer features include: a touch screen computer control, 14” x 20” maximum sheet size, offset press style air feeder and full length registration table for the bottom sheets, top load/bottom feed top sheet feeder, precise glue application, accurate registration between the top and bottom sheets, top and bottom sheet sensors, glue level sensor and pump, vacuum clean up system and a throughput speed of up to 1,500 glued sets per hour.

Glue-Tech applications included: announcements and invitations, drink coasters, packaging (boxes), lenticular, magnets, RFID/NFC products, tags, reinforced end sheets, and business cards.

The Auto-1420 is the most efficient sheet to sheet gluing machine currently available.


Thick Printed Products

Gluing sheets together is a cost effective method of producing printed products which are thicker than the maximum paper thickness that can be run on digital printers.

Thick business cards, tags, packaging and other products can be produced with this proven method using eco-friendly, water soluble glue.

The Glue-Tech Auto-1420 paper gluer is a unique production machine that can produce thick printed products quickly and efficiently.

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High Value Products

Thick printed products are "high value products" commanding disproportionately higher retail prices.

Many of these products are often sold in small quantities.

For example, while 15 to 18 pt. business cards are often sold in quantities of 250 to 1,000 cards, thick business cards can be purchased in quantities as low as 100 cards.

Quick Set up/Clean up

Glue-Tech sheet to sheet paper gluer uses water soluble glue.

Setting up the Glue-Tech paper gluer is quick and easy using the large, full color touch screen control panel.

Special provisions have been designed into the machine to automate and simplify clean up.

The Glue-Tech Auto-1420 is easy to set up, operate and clean with minimal training.

Costly Cohesive Papers

Glue-Tech paper gluer saves you money!

Gluing sheets together, with water soluble glue, offers significant advantages over using cohesive papers.

Cohesive papers are dramatically more expensive, compared to regular (non-cohesive) papers.

Cohesive papers require special processing, before or during guillotine cutting, at activate the cohesive adhesives. Sheets glued together on Glue-Tech equipment do not require special processing prior to guillotine cutting or die cutting.

Cohesive papers are available in limited paper sizes, types, colors and textures.

Cohesive papers require another inventory item that must be monitored, orders and stocked, even if the plant is already using the same paper as a non-cohesive sheet.

Using non-cohesive papers, glued together, customers can combine an almost unlimited range of papers to create unique, high value products.


Touch Screen Computer

A large, full color, touch screen display is used to control and adjust the Glue-Tech during set up, operation and clean up.

Controls are easy to use and include automated features to simplify operation and reduce operator workload.

The touch screen is mounted on an adjustable support which allows each operator to comfortably position the controls.

Gluing System

The glue metering/application system is designed to work with eco-friendly, water soluble glues that have been formulated to bond sheets together.

The Glue-Tech paper gluer system is made up of several components. They include: the glue metering/application system, the glue level sensor and pump, and the touch screen controls (used during set up, operation and clean up).

Bottom Sheet Feeding

Bottom sheets are fed using an offset press style suction feeder with a 13.5" paper pile capacity and a double sheet sensor/interlock.

Fed sheets are precisely aligned to an adjustable, full length alignment side guide.

Aligned sheets move into a pair of pinch rollers that advance the sheet through the gluing section of the machine.

After glue is applied to the top surface of the bottom sheet, the sheet is  advanced to a registration head stop.

Top Sheet Feeding

A top load/bottom feed, friction feeder automatically feeds and advances top sheets against the registration head stop. Paper can be loaded in the top sheet feeder while the Glue-Tech is running.

Top/Bottom Sht. Sensors

Sensors confirm the position of the top and bottom sheets at the registration head stop. Once the top and bottom sheet positions are confirmed, the sheets are cycled through a pair of pinch rollers that compress the top and bottom sheets together prior to delivery.

Integrated Controls

The Glue-Tech sheet to sheet paper gluer controls are carefully integrated to improve efficiency and reduce operator workload.

Set up, starting/stopping, speed, double feed detect/interrupt, batching, sheet position sensors, glue level sensor/pump, paper feeding, automatic interrupt and other control features are integrated through a Windows 10 computer core.

Clean Up

Paper gluer clean-up is simplified!

Clean up is an issue with any machine using cold glue.

The Glue-Tech paper gluer incorporates several features which dramatically simplify clean up.

After use, the glue pump can be reversed to pull glue in the feed tubing back into the glue supply container.

After recovering the glue in the tubing, the tubing can be flushed automatically while the glue metering rollers are being cleaned.

Warm water is used to clean the metering rollers. A small amount of water is placed in the nip between the rolls and breaks down the glue on the rollers as they rotate.

A suction system (standard equipment on the Glue-Tech) is used to extract the glue/water from the nip point.

The process of adding watering, milling the water/glue on the rollers and sucking out the liquid is repeated 3 to 5 times (normally) until all the glue has been removed from the rollers.

A final wipe down is required to remove any residual liquid from the gluing system.

Normal clean up can be completed in between 6 to 9 minutes.

No solvents are required and clean up waste is non-toxic.




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