Stand Alone Suction Feeder

Paper Feeder

Stand Alone Suction Feeder – The SAF-3870 is a belt/fan type suction feeder designed for use with UV/Aqueous coaters, curing ovens, etc..
The SAF-3870 can run sheets up to 14.9" wide by 27.5" long with feeder capacity of 14.5" of stock.
An optional alignment table is NOT currently available for the SAF-3870.


Speed Range

The SAF-3870 suction feeder can run 40-100 sheets per minute when running A4 size sheets and 25-80 sheets per minute when running A3+.


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-  14.9” wide by 27.5” long max. sheet size
-  “Belt/Fan” Suction Feeder
-  Start/Stop Pushbuttons
-  14.5 inch Paper Capacity
-  Pile Height Adjustment
-  Double Sheet Detect/Interrupt
-  25-80 Sheets Per Minute Running A3+
-  Adjustable Blowers to Float Sheets
-  Mounted on Casters
-  Available Wired for 110 or 220 volts
-  Compressed Air Supply is NOT Required




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