Total Register® Foil Draw Upgrade

Programmable Foil Draw Upgrade

Total Register

The Total Register inc.® replacement programmable foil draw from THERM-O-TYPE, is for customers operating Kluge® EHD presses.

The most basic retrofit replaces the Total Register Inc.® “Foil Boss” programmable foil draw, using the existing motor mounting brackets and press interface/timing micro switch.

Video: Kluge® Programmable Foil Draw

The THERM-O-TYPE Programmable Foil Draw includes a full color touch screen interface, Windows based computer core and provisions for one or two programmable foil draws powered by high torque servo motors.

Software features include up to two, independently adjustable foil draws with the ability to program multiple short/long foil draws to minimize foil waste, foil “index” and variable length “jog” functions, foil draw length calibration and adjustable foil draw speed. Sheet counter and impressions per hour information can also be displayed while the press is running. These features on unavailable on the Total Register Inc.® system

The ability to run short/long foil draw programs, as well as single foil draws, is an especially important feature for most customers. The Programmable Foil Draw can be set to draw up to twenty-five short foil draws and one long foil draw in a pattern repeat sequence. With certain foil imprinted designs, the long/short foil draw feature can reduce foil consumption between 50% to 96%.

The attached photos show the THERM-O-TYPE Programmable Foil Draw retrofit mounted on an original Kluge® EHD foil draw assembly that was previously updated with a Total Register Inc.® "Foil Boss" system.

In addition to the Programmable Foil Draw upgrade, this photo also shows an additional waste foil rewind modification. The waste foil rewind modification adds a second waste foil rewind shaft with each rewind shaft powered by a foil draw servo motor through an adjustable slip clutch.

Adding the waste foil rewind modification, customers can run two different single or multiple length foil draw programs simultaneously, without creating waste foil rewind problems.

Many operators find it difficult and time consuming to create an accurate short/long foil draw program on the Total Register Inc.® system. This fact leads to lower productivity and unnecessary foil waste and cost.

An Auto Set feature is provided for the Programmable Foil Draw. When running certain foil imprint formats, the operator can enter two measurements in the touch screen, and the long/short foil draw lengths are calculated and loaded automatically.

The Auto Set feature is incredibly important to all customers but especially valuable during peak production periods where less skilled operators may be running production.

Additional Programmable Foil Draw configurations will be available shortly for other Kluge® press models running Total Register Inc.® foil draw and waste rewind configurations.

For information on installing a Programmable Foil Draw on your press, or replacing an existing Total Register Inc.® system, please contact THERM-O-TYPE.

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