Zip-A4 Cutter Slitter


The Zip-A4 cutter/slitter is designed to crosscut and slit business cards and other multiple-up products in a single pass. A guillotine cutter crosscuts each sheet as a programmable paper drive advances the paper through the machine. After crosscutting, a quick change rotary blade cassette slits the sheet. Finished stock is delivered to an adjustable receiving tray while scrap is directed into a scrap collection box.

When running 10-up business cards, a gutter cut between the two rows of cards and edge trim is removed from both sides of the sheet. Card length is varied using the programmable guillotine cutter. Guillotine crosscutting can be programmed to scissor cut or gutter cut between cards. The combination of in-line slitting and programmable guillotine cutting allows four-sided bleed products (like 10-up business cards) to be processed single pass.

Combined with a laser or ink jet printer, the Zip-A4 allows business cards and other multiple-up products to be accurately and easily produced.

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